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For saleThese Malas come from years of inspiration… I imbue them with the love I really have for each one I make… ¬†hence the name ūüôā ¬† I do intone over them as I add a bead.. usually ¬†my Divine Mothers bija mantra .. “Om aim saraswatyai namaha” but it really depends which aspect of the Divine Mother I’m drawn to in the moment… ¬†Please check out my Malas and feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas

Love Love Love  Namaste

How to use your Mala

Mala are made up of 108 beads and end with a Guru bead, usually what the tassle is attached to.

You hold the Mala in your hand, rolling your thumb and middle  finger to move the beads Рmoving forward continuously.

Before you begin, you will need a mantra or a word which you can intone or repeat… A simple Om can be repeated as you move each bead, or perhaps a mantra to a deity… Basically whatever resonates with your concept of the Divine.

Continue around the Mala till you reach the Guru bead… One round of chanting is complete.. Then to start another round, turn around!! One doesn’t go over the Guru bead, but rather turns back and continues until the Guru bead is reached again.. rinse and repeat ūüôā

Chanting brings on a wonderful sense of peace and is a useful tool on its own or in preparation for meditation. Mantras have a profound effect on the nervous system and are very powerful in releasing stuck energy or blockages – opening us up to new energy and new possibilities.

You can chant with your beads any time and in any space… Walking, sitting or standing.

¬†I once was told by one of my teachers that to intone out loud had a profound affect on the physical body, to intone in a whisper had a profound affect on the emotional body, and to intone mentally had a profound affect on the spiritual body…

There are  a vast amount of mantras to choose from.. or you can simply make your own mantra. I will discuss this further on my blog and include audio and video to help  with  not only all the different mantras, but in case you are interested in intoning in Sanskrit you can get an idea of the correct pronunciation.

Please feel free to ask about anything pertaining to Malas and Mantra and I will try to help..

Om tat sat…. I am that, I am

Om shanti shanti shanti… peace peace peace

To purchase or for more information on the Malas visit Love Imbued Creations.


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