Eco-Minded Club

eco-minded products

Eco-minded products supplied by the Kin’s domain in Russia.

White Light is most honoured to have the ‘Eco-Minded Club’, Yury Smirnov and his beautiful family on board. 🙂

Great quality, organically produced, eco-minded products, available to you at great prices.

It’s really exciting when you meet like-minded people from across the globe. The Kin’s Domains have become a reality in Russia and we now have access to their resources.

Welcome to the Eco-Minded Club.

The Eco-Minded Club creates a link between Eco-villages, Kin’s settlements and city folk.

For those co-creating their Kin’s domains, this is a great opportunity to earn some extra money.

On the Eco-Minded Club website you’ll find:

  • heirloom garden vegetables

  • herb & flower non gmo seeds

  • natural pharmacy

  • eco cosmetics

  • organic natural oils

  • cedar products

  • honey bee products

  • handmade crafts

You get to enjoy high quality natural and organic eco-friendly products.

‘We do our best to make sure that you get reliable products from reliable eco-minded manufacturers. Many are are living their dream in the Kin’s domains.

We understand that health is a wholesome concept. Therefore, on the pages of our site you will find a lot of information on different subjects of our life – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

This space is also a Club, which means that everyone here has the “right to vote”, to make suggestions, to ask questions, to discuss matters of interest.

We believe that it is impossible to buy health, but it is possible to buy healthy products!

Therefore, the members of our Club do not sell health. They sell and buy healthy products.’ )))

For eco-minded city and rural people worldwide, this is a great space to get the best eco-friendly organic products for reasonable prices.