When the war on terror is the excuse for terror

Can one really afford to have a heart nowadays? What is a conscience really? How does one live a morally upright and ethically correct life in today’s world? Is there any room left for empathy? One cannot help but ask these questions if one is self-reflective during this era of permanent war, abuse and atrocity on a global scale.

war on terror, the whistle blowerWell the good news is that there are still some that do have a heart, that is full of empathy for their fellow humanity, that choose to live a moral existence according to a set criteria of ethics based on the fundamental sanctity of life. And nowhere is this more perfectly portrayed than in “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”, where the male protagonist hero who was a Storm trooper for the evil empire, has a crisis of conscience and defects to support the other side.

Fantasy aside though, the hope for humanity and the right to life of our fellow earthlings lies in the Superpowers of the world today, like America and China. And our role models from there are none other than ex-CIA operative Edward Snowden, soldier Chelsea Manning and artist AI Weiwei. These heroes from the superpowers of today’s world are leading the way in human rights, the cause of humanity, and by their actions they set the example for the moral high ground. They are the one’s who have brought their respective countries up from the mud and blood of tyranny and blatant despotism and given the rest of the world hope for the future, hope in the human heart and its ability to find empathy where little existed before them. These troopers have come up from the bowels of their own country’s engine rooms of evil and shone a torchlight upon the criminal behaviour of these global super tyrants, becoming role models for the rest of us to follow, in the quest for empathy, conscience and a human heart. In this age of global tyranny, the whistleblower is the new icon.

When a decent person does nothing in the light of savagery and criminality around him, it is obvious that self-preservation is an overriding factor in his or her silence, and not necessarily a complicit agreement with the crimes. Sometimes it’s safer to say nothing when your government is openly committing crimes against humanity. Activist and artist Ai Weiei has been imprisoned numerous times by the Chinese government for his outspoken criticism of their abuses. Corporal Manning has sacrificed his life and is now in a lifetime jail sentence undergoing torture (solitary confinement) to reveal to the world the crimes of America’s military upon the rest. And Snowden had to choose a life of exile to avoid the same treatment. But the sacrifices made by these fine people for the sake of the rest of us stand as examples of how great men and women from America and China are leading the way by exposing crimes against humanity and protecting us from these superpowers and their greed for global domination.

For example, according to America has been at war in the Hindu Kush (Afghanistan) for over a decade, with a network of intel on the ground, some of the most expensive and highly trained soldiers in the world, with eyes in the sky allowing for unmatched tracking of individuals, and yet despite all this, their campaign is in many respects a failure. Fair enough you say, it’s tough terrain. But it’s not the failure of mission that is the real failure. The real failure is a moral one, because 90% of the locals killed in the Hindu Kush are innocents targeted by unmanned drones. America is not killing its intended targets, but instead making more anti-American enemies by missing the target, killing an innocent or a whole family of innocents, thereby invoking the ire and lifetime hatred of the American invader. This is the latest top class military drone warfare we’re talking about here, and they are missing the target nine times out of ten. The military is creating more enemies than it is subduing, literally. They are also not reporting their failure to the American people obviously, for it takes a whistle blower, the likes of Snowden to reveal this exact info as reported in the website mentioned above. So Americans in general are in ignorance, oblivious of the war crimes perpetrated by their military.

But we have to go back even further and ask “how did the most powerful military in history come to devote its elite forces and advanced technology to a remote corner of the planet, half a world away from American shores, almost 15 years after 9/11?” In a place where everyone looks like the enemy, and you are the invading force, then you end up shooting, and thus people do actually become the enemy. In other words in the name of a fabricated war on terror, the American military has gone to far lying countries and unleashed untold terror on innocents. Now that is irony. Even worse, that is a war crime, a crime against humanity. The strongest nation on the planet is not out there to protect its people, or any people. It is out there invading the world in its long term plot to steal it. This is global tyranny and evil at its best.

“By the end of 2013, the U.N. reported the number of civilian casualties from drone strikes in Afghanistan had tripled from 2012, with almost one-third of the civilian deaths from aerial operations.” Its enough to make a grown man puke. America is using drones to kill kids. One that did make it to the world news was the recent American air strike on a hospital run by Medicins Sans Frontieres, killing a dozen medical staff and 10 patients, including three kids. “A nurse recalled seeing six victims in intensive care ablaze in their beds.” How can we sleep when our beds are burning? Remember that sweet pop song? It is based on similar atrocities.

Let’s add this up to make a clear point here. Leaving aside the 1 million dead in Iraq for another discussion, America has killed 26 000 civilians in Afghanistan in the past decade or so. And it’s getting bloodier. The UN is reporting that civilian casualties in the Hindu Kush are projected to exceed record high numbers. You no longer need boots on the ground when you have drones. And drones are known to miss their target and kill innocents.

“The al Qaeda presence there now,” according to a report by the United States Institute for Peace, “is larger than when U.S. counter terrorism forces arrived in 2002.” And the same is going on in Iraq again and Syria or course today. And you can try to justify what’s going on by saying that perhaps you are helping the locals, but not even the troops on the ground think that this has anything to do with defending the homeland or the American people. That illusion evaporated a long time ago.


Turkey and Kurds for supper

Turkey and Kurds ZamanA sense of freedom is one of the few things keeping the entrapped living entities sane in this material world. Whether illusory or not, the apparent sense of freedom allows us to at least presume we have a degree of free will, a feeling of control, that we have a choice and can express that choice in our actions and words – as in freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to vote for our leaders. Turkey – a NATO member – who is officially awaiting membership into Europe, the EU, has however abandoned these freedoms. The president of Turkey has again removed these freedoms from his people by just yesterday sending police, backed with a court order, to take over the biggest selling newspaper in the country of 75 million people.

Zeman (Time) Newspaper, founded in 1986, famously the first newspaper to go online in Turkey, with 1 million readers, was forcibly invaded by police who threw out staff and editors, initiating a total government takeover of the media house. Ironically the owner was once a good friend of President Erdogan, but when observing the crimes of the president he felt the need to speak out against it. Immediately the newspaper was labelled a “terrorist organisation” despite never having committed any violence. In recent years over 30 journalists have been imprisoned, university professors have been labelled terrorists and some are on trial for insulting the head of state. Amnesty International has condemned these actions outright. Basically, as one Turk said, “democracy has been killed off”.

This is important for all of us because, as a blogger we enjoy the liberty of being able to speak our mind and say whatever we feel is important to us, according to our inalienable human rights and national constitution. And we are talking about a member of NATO here, be it a token one. In other words this is a country that will stand beside Europe with military might when facing an enemy of Europe or America and the freedoms they apparently cherish. The truth is that Turkey and Greece are only NATO members because America wanted them on her side against USSR back in 1952, and they happened to border the communist red danger back then. They are in fact thousands of miles from the Atlantic ocean, so technically are anything but a North Atlantic country, as the name NATO implies. So for the sake of military might and political dominance NATO is willing to override fundamental human rights, and freedom of speech and even freedom of thought. If Europe or America were honourable they would expel Turkey immediately, but all decency amongst the civilized west has been thrown out the window today. Your freedom has been usurped as the winds of war whip up the dust and fling it out the door. All’s fair in war, apparently, and even we the journalists are now the enemy because we stand for human rights and truth in the face of tyrants who label themselves democratic and dignified. Even in 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus, and their neighbours Greece promptly left NATO (briefly) in a show of solidarity with human rights against the despotic Turks. Still today Turkey is an illegal occupier of half of Cyprus, recognised by no one on the planet, yet still they are in bed with EU and American military. In other words NATO, in truth, places their military power above your rights of free speech and democracy. What does it tell you about Europe and America when they allow their partner to support the apparent enemy of the western world, namely ISIS, by buying the oil they steal from Iraq and Syria, as well as medically treating ISIS militants in their Turkish hospitals? This is ISIS we are talking about. And Al Qeida. These are the openly declared enemy of America as stated by the POTUS (pres. of US), Bush and Obama himself. The known use of chemical weapons by Turkey against the Kurds on their border obviously mean nothing to NATO. Certainly not enough to distance themselves from the criminal perpetrators who side with their so-called enemy. It reveals to me that ISIS and Al Qeida are not really an enemy at all, but are being used by NATO as an ally to destabilise the Middle East and steal their resources.

“I see this as an extremely serious interference with media freedom which should have no place in a democratic society,” said Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. “It is the latest in a string of unacceptable and undue restrictions of media freedom in Turkey.” Also Reporters without Borders have issued their own strongly-worded statement, accusing President Erdogan of “moving from authoritarianism to all-out despotism.” Not only has he taken over four media organisations from his outspoken critic and turned them into government propaganda machines in recent times, but almost 2,000 journalists, bloggers and ordinary citizens, including high school students, have found themselves prosecuted on accusations of insulting this despotic president of Turkey. And more than that, he has waged open genocide against the Kurdish minority for years.

What does it mean when Europe and America do nothing as their NATO ally commits these crimes against humanity and sides with the world’s enemy, namely ISIS and Al Qeida? It means that they are complicit in the crimes, condone these war crimes, and even worse, it means that the “war on terror” is actually a farce, a sham and a con. We the people are being lied to by our civilized western leaders simply to keep us dumbed down while they ride roughshod over our human rights, and allow NATO to commit war crimes. Well if you still think you have the moral high ground as a NATO member, then you are perhaps too far gone. Fortunately not every one believes the lie told by NATO any more, for freedom of speech and freedom of expression are still alive back home, and in the biggest show of solidarity with Kurds in history, a protest march kicks off in UK tomorrow 6 March 2016, as the masses take to the streets over this injustice. The genocide perpetrated by Turkey, and condoned by NATO simply proves the Kurdish proverb that emerged after the suppressed Kurdish riots in Turkey in the 1920s that said “Armenians for breakfast, Kurds for supper.”