Permaculture education in poverty-stricken South Africa

Community GardeningWe are SEED, a 12 year old non-profit and Public Benefits Organisation that has been pioneering the growing of outdoor classrooms in under-resourced schools across South Africa.

Learn more about our work via this video. Through the important work of connecting children to the ecosystems that support them, and bringing the miracle of food into curriculum and tummies of children, we have found that our work addresses climate change, job creation and career pathing, social cohesion and food security.

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A different type of grid is needed to solve SA’s energy challenge

energy alternativesSouth Africa would get a much better return on its energy investments if it planned a smarter and more flexible electricity grid, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) researcher Steve Hedden said on Tuesday.

A better grid would also boost the contribution of wind and solar energy.

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