12 edible indigenous South African plants

12 edible indigenousThe Botanical Society of South Africa encourages indigenous gardening, awareness about conservation, and the wise use of indigenous plants in southern Africa.

Good Hope Garden Nursery shared some great tips on indigenous plants that you can easily grow and harvest in your very own garden for medicinal remedies and exciting culinary experiences.

We have a treasure trove of edible and medicinal plants within our rich plant kingdom in South Africa. It is important to know what part of the plant to use and how it can be used for culinary concoctions; some are edible only in certain seasons or after certain preparations. Below are a selection of a few of my favourite, pretty well-known wild flavours that are popular among landscapers so you may even have some growing!

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Some tips on making compost

Composting tipsAs every gardener knows, one of the key things you need if you are going to grow plants is good soil.

When using permaculture this necessity can sometimes be challenged; for example, in very dry or extreme (very dry/very wet) climates such as Mediterranean, some people recommend using no soil at all but instead growing all of your plants in gravel or small pebbles. This technique, suggested by for example Hemenway (1), is known as xeriscaping and might be worth a try if your garden is particularly prone to drought. On the other end of the spectrum, aquaculture is a technique that involves one’s crops being entirely submerged in water, which has been used for centuries in Asia and whose modern proponents include Christenson (2015) (2).

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Food for thought – Permaculture in schools (South Africa)

school gardensWatch the video and be inspired. I suspect that if many of our schools had been incorporating this kind of permaculture education over the last few decades, the world would today be in a far better situation, as many of the adults and young adults of the present generation would now already be eco-literate doers and changers.

But, let’s not talk about what could have been, but instead do what we can to get permaculture education into a school near you…

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