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Venus in Scorpio and the power of love

Venus in ScorpioMundane interpretation of this Venus position usually suggests heightened eroticism and the passion of lovers, but as the goddess of love also makes a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces on the Libra new moon day of 1 October, we need to delve a little deeper into the mystery of Love and its ability to awaken us to the real goal of life.

At its lowest level the transit of Venus through Scorpio from 23 Sept – 18 October symbolises a period of lust and desire, the preoccupation of nubile teens overwhelmed by the mating instinct and the desire to increase their attractiveness on a shallow or superficial surface level. Venus rules the ability to attract, ones attractiveness, as well as ones values – what one wants to attract. Ideally we should mature beyond that naive level of our teenage years, where our undeveloped ego can think no further than the body as the self and the sensory pleasures of the body as the primary driving factor, coupled perhaps with the ego boost of being able to attract admirers due to the reproductive curves and capacities of the body. After all, the underlying reason as to why a person looks attractive is hard-wired into us based purely on their ability to make fine babies. You can try to fool yourself otherwise, but the curves of a woman’s hips and breasts are nothing but secondary sexual characteristics that tell a man instinctively that she can bear and raise fine babies. Similarly the male appears attractive to the female due to his secondary sexual characteristics of being able to procreate and protect the mother and baby from harm. As we grow to maturity, particularly spiritual maturity, we become conscious of what was once blind instinctive and downright illusory programming, and our levels of so-called love or attraction evolve.

Venus in Scorpio at a slightly more evolved level then looks for a soul mate. Let’s remember too that the Sun is currently in Libra, facilitating the urge to relate to the other, to partner up, to look for balance or wholeness by finding someone to complete us if we feel the absence of our own other half, our opposite brain hemisphere, our anima or animus. Then Venus in Scorpio seeks out the “soul mate” since casual love is not fulfilling enough. By then the sensual side is somewhat transcended, yet still the subtle sense of ego still persists and what we seek out is nothing more than a mirror of our ego, someone who reflects back to us our presumed good qualities, who sees how lovable or attractive we are and provides a deep and faithful commitment to partnership, thus allowing us to feel whole or complete in that partnership. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio can lead to intensified emotional expression, where breakups can occur, coupled by make-ups soon after. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death and rebirth. Yet it is also the sign best able to facilitate transcendence, and that is when Venus here really evokes – in those who wish to know – real depths, or should I say real heights of Love.

With Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces now, peaking on 1 Oct, we really have an opportunity to discover or uncover secret love affairs, spiritualised love, or the mystery of surrender. When the seeker has risen above the bodily identification and understands him/herself to already contain both male and female sides in their nature, then an externalised expression of the opposite or the other is no longer necessary, or is seen merely as a projection of the inner unconscious half. Then with the realization that all living beings are interconnected, s/he feels a love that encompasses all life, a compassion and empathy that allows one to embrace the whole world and all who reside thereon. The love of Radha and Krishna in the Vedic tradition of the Bhakti yoga path perfectly exemplifies the topmost secret love affair, secret because it transcends even the love for ones own wedded spouse, it transcends the laws of the land. “Love above the law” as Crowley, a Libran himself, echoed. That is the love of the devotee for the Divine, the soul for the Supersoul, the self for the Supreme. Indeed esoteric Vedic texts describe how the God and the Goddess, Krishna and Radha, are actually One, but simultaneously separated, and that we ourselves as spirit soul are also One with, yet simultaneously separate from the Source, the Godhead.

Venus in ScorpioMystic yogis, Sufis and Bhaktas have alluded to this all along, yet it requires that the mundane physical love and sex centres, like the second and fourth chakras are sublimated, dis-identified with the physical body, purified of the illusory covering to really facilitate a Higher Love. And that is not always so easy. However, this current transit of Venus is an opportunity to have just such insights into the deeper nature of our love, along with its compassion and empathy. Even great healing can take place now, based on internalised realizations. Psychic healing comes from knowing oneself, and knowing our relationship with the other at its deepest level, the level of consciousness or spirit. Spiritualised love is what the spirit soul really seeks. And as we know being in love means there is a lover and a beloved. There are two, and there is a relationship. So to say we are one with God is a misnomer. It may be correct in one sense, but needs to be qualified. And that is the secret revealed by the Bhakti yoga path, for oneness eliminates the capacity for love, or “prema” in Sanskrit. The real Vedic conclusion, or Siddhanta is “Inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference”. Now there is the meaning of life summed up in a meme you can put on a T-shirt. We may be one in spiritual quality with the Godhead, but we are small by comparison in quantity, a mere fractional fractal of the great hologram. So there are actually three components – the lover, the beloved and the love exchanged or shared.

So there you have it. I have just revealed the greatest secret known to mankind, the Secret of the Golden Flower, the Philosopher’s Stone, the meaning of life, and now you have it. Venus in Scorpio is perfect for discovering this esoteric level of love. Love is the goal of the soul. It is also the power that charges our bioelectric field, our aura, when used as the process to link up to the Divine. So let that Kundalini rise, having subdued the mundane expression thereof, and strengthen your bioelectric field and you will see miracles happen. You will have the magic in your hands. You will know the power of love.


Equinox 22 September with Mercury Direct

equinoxThe bi-annual Equinox is a time – as the name implies – of equal night and day, when the Sun is directly overhead at the equator and the globe is bathed, both south and north, in sunlight of equal measure. For a moment the entire world is equal before the Sun. Astrologically we are at a halfway point in the Tropical Zodiac, and the seventh sign can begin to shine. It must be more than just a coincidence that this time of balance is the start of the month of Libra, symbolised by the scales, who weigh in the balance light and dark, good and bad, conscious and unconscious.

Certainly this is a day when we can take a moment, one of two in the year, to find ourselves at the centre, in the middle of the cycle, and appreciate the harmonious balance achievable in our lives when we see the past in relation to the future, while tapping into the now. The past is history and the future’s a mystery, so seize the moment like the present that it is. This fleeting point in the cycle, half way between winter and summer, is traditionally celebrated in ancient cultures with ceremony or festivities. It is a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. It is an opportunity to seek balance within ourselves, find harmony in that balance, and compose ourselves for the next half of the cycle that ends in six months from now at the next equinox, which happens to be the start of the Tropical Zodiacal year once again.

Even more opportune on this equinox day coincidentally is the simultaneous Mercury statioequinoxn Direct, when the thrice annual Mercury retrograde ends and for a day Mercury remains stationary from our point of view, before starting to move forward once again through the Zodiac. This is considered to be the best or most fortunate day in the journey of Mercury, when the doors of opportunity are opened, and the sale of the season is upon us, so to speak.
That gives two independent reasons to celebrate on this equinox day of 22 September 2016, both of which will benefit those who perform their meditations, rituals or ceremonies with intent to invoke the peace and harmony that comes from a place of balance and centredness. So grab the opportunity to change the world, starting with yourself.

For example Chichen Itza in Mexico is just such a place, amongst others on the globe, where seekers and travellers will congregate at the Mayan step pyramid called El Castillo on this equinox evening to watch the Sun align with the architecture of the astronomical observatory and temple, as it does only at these specific days, due to the ancient wisdom of its builders and priests millennia ago. So these equinox days have been observed for aeons by our ancestors and harnessed for sacred events in the annual calendar. Of course in the spiritual state of consciousness, time is conspicuous by its absence, but in the material world in which we live, timing is everything. And the equinox is the time to observe the balance within and without. Similarly the day of Mercury’s Station Direct is the time to link up, via your inner or outer agent, guide or go-between, to the absolute truth, the ultimate cause of all causes, the crowning glory of your life.equinox

The Sun’s entrance into Libra on the 22nd of September 2016 will bring it to within two degrees of Jupiter, already in Libra since earlier this month, and thus within orb of conjunction. The actual Sun – Jupiter conjunction becomes exact on the 26th a few days later, but already its influence can be considered active, lasting until the end of the month, more or less. So for the coming week Jupiter will be invisible, literally on the other side of the Sun to us in our solar system. This alignment with jovial Jupiter symbolizes a time of potential confidence and optimism for all, which is great if your self-esteem needs a boost. The opportunity is there to remember that you are part of something greater than yourself, whether a cause, or even the global human race, that we are all in this together. When the equinox Sun shines, it shines on the house of the saint and the sinner alike. No one is more or less worthy than any other to receive the benedicting rays of life. Similarly opportunity or fated lucky breaks are available to all during this week. Sometimes lack of confidence, lack of self worth or just blind pessimism or melancholy prevent us from seeing the opportunity present before us. So take a boost to the confidence, feel empowered, worthy of blessings and be happy as a result.

Of course if you are already over inflated with egotism, pride or greed, you may be pushed even further in that direction, so remember to keep it real. Even those who feel they can reach for the heavens still need to keep their feet on the ground. Nevertheless generosity of heart and spirit should be available, as well as faith in a higher power, where religious studies, broadened horizons and enlightened morals are there to be tapped by all who can remember their true nature and the real meaning of life. equinoxIf Jupiter over inflates your ego, then by all means let it take you higher, for as you fly so will your bubble be burst as it reaches the refined atmosphere up above. Sometimes coming into contact with Jupiter, or guru, can lead us to feeling as if we, having basked in that radiance, are ourselves as elevated, by dint of shadow association, yet such inflation is an illusion setting us up to fall back to earth with a bump. Just ask Icarus. Similarly when we open up the ego to too much psychic contents from the collective unconscious, we can also go mad with the overload. So this is a fine moment in time to remember our noble heritage as spirit soul, but remember too that all are of that same ancestry, all carry the highest divinity within them, just as all may come before the Sun and bathe in its radiance, equally blessed or equally burned.


Lunar Eclipse – something emerges from the shadow

lunar eclipse

Visibility of the lunar eclipse, which is penumbral, appearing slightly shaded not totally obscured

The full moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Friday 16 September at 18h55 GMT in the water sign of Pisces brings with it the last of the winter snow and a few days of soaking rain for us here at home in the sunny south, although the north has not been spared that swamping feeling, as China and Taiwan currently recover from “Meranti” – its worst super typhoon in recent history (since the 1800’s), just hours before the full moon. Leaving 1.6 million homes without electricity overnight, many are feeling the soggy effects of this watery lunar peak experience, which begins at 16h55 GMT, peaks at 18h55 (20h55 RSA time) and ends at 22h55.

Super typhoon Meranti is the strongest storm to hit the planet this year, listed as category 5, with 3000kn/h winds, and almost 1 million left without water, which is ironic for so much rain. When the systems are inundated it ends up being “water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” which is the actual quote from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge. Similarly when swamped by the turmoil symbolised in the current Mercury retrograde and accompanying lunar eclipse in watery Pisces, it can feel like your life is being flooded with challenges, too much to deal with, being swept away by circumstance, by the modes, or just by the emotional tides that result in breaking the banks of the stream of consciousness; the pull of the emotional tide is here in larger waves than usual. The contents of the unconscious may be found to be coming to the surface, or pouring out as the container of consciousness is bombarded, the walls are cracked and tumultuous emotional contents seeps out uncontained, surprising all including ourselves. Be ready for more than you imagined you were capable of; more passion, more feeling, more sensitivity. Potentially more hurt but also more healing, as bottled up toxic emotion is allowed to burst like a boil and release the build-up of unexpressed, long unfelt, inner, unconsciously repressed emotion, or psychic contents.

lunar eclipse

The eclipse is caused by shadows created during the alignment.

Indeed a category 3 storm named “Malakas” is also close on the heels of “Meranti” and will be the next one to peak during the full moon eclipse for those poor souls in East China. For the rest of us, we may simply find our defences weakened, our dam walls tested, some of us by excessive substance abuse, like a drunkard who becomes all weepy and tragic under the influence. Some of us may not even need substances to lower our emotional defence systems, our normal usual level of respectability, or conservatism, or reserve, or control. Life may just swamp us with one stressor too many and we may crack under its weight at this time of vulnerability. Yet not all expressions of emotion are negative. Some may find themselves having religious experiences, for want of a better term, where levels of consciousness are heightened to the point where mystical breakthroughs are achieved. So it varies as to what shape the “typhoon” takes on as it reaches our individual shores of consciousness this full moon eclipse weekend.

Those attuned to the healthy side of the Pisces full moon may be able to learn what it means to cultivate compassion, selflessness, self-sacrifice for a higher cause, or even transcendence, or that higher form of love reserved only for God, or the Universe and all her inhabitants as one family. Such surrender of the limiting ego is like a sacrifice that results in you achieving more by holding on less, coming closer by letting go, becoming fuller by emptying out. It is a potentially mystical time, though without proper guidance it can be mystifying. It all depends on your level of insight. The same world can be seen by two people quite differently, and what is daytime to some is night to the introspective, and vice versa. Do you feel me? This is an eclipse we may best approach by feeling our way through it, as hard logic falls away, and rightly so. The senses are not to be trusted or relied upon under this full moon, and those with their intuition and compassionate hearts still in place will come out all right. Physically not much may be evident on the surface, but below the surface, behind the scenes, the rest of the iceberg lies floating like the nemesis to every Titanic ego that dares to think itself superior to the laws of our Lady of Life.

Like all super storms, this can be a purifying time, a cleansing of sorts. Even tears are a way to detox the psyche on a deeper level, whether tears of ecstasy or tears of loss. What may help is to have a life jacket to weather any possible storms in your teacup. Remember to stay observant, refrain from over-reacting or being swept up into a state of over-emotionalism due to excess attachment to the subject, or object of the senses. Keep calm and have a cupcake, or keep calm and have a Kundalini moment, whatever floats your boat. When the rain falls, it falls on all of our houses. Some take care to have a sturdy umbrella to attempt to shelter, while some turn the umbrella upside down to catch the merciful drops. If its going to happen, we can simply react according to our realizations and internal perception of so-called reality in the moment. It’s all subjective really, which is another way of saying reality is up to your imagination, or heaven is in the eye of the beholder. Now where did I leave my gumboots? This full moon might be one of the best times to cultivate singing in the rain. Solitude and silence may end up being valuable commodities suddenly. You know you are reaching new levels of transcendence when the one with less is the one with so much more to gain, where empty arms hold more potential, where “nothing” is the secret to acquiring “everything” there is or ever will be. Goodbye is simply the preamble to a new hello.

What if you slept
And what if
In your sleep
You dreamed
And what if
In your dream
You went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
And what if
When you awoke
You had that flower in you hand
Ah, what then?”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Complete Poems

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.”


Mercury Combust, now you see me, now “cazimi”

Mercury combustOn 12 September 2016, as Mercury exactly aligns with the Sun at 23h30 GMT (01h30 RSA time 13 Sept), we call it not merely a conjunction, but a total “Combust”. So if you want to harness a mindset that’s on fire, a mental state that’s fired up, “combustable” or ready to exhibit spontaneous combustion, then here is your window.

Mercury, like Venus, orbits within the earth’s orbit, or between Earth and Sun, so from our geocentric point of view they always appear relatively close together in the sky. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun, and so the “Winged Messenger” remains archetypally the perennial close associate, side kick and brother of mighty Apollo. And the “Goddess of love” also keeps close association on the other side, never wandering further than a sidelong glance away.

Mercury appears like a pendulum that swings 28 degrees to the left of the Sun and then stops and returns to swing 28 degrees to the right. He then returns to complete the cycle, taking a total of 116 days altogether. The point at which he crosses the central position of the Sun, is called the conjunction, of which there are two, as in any pendulum swing – away and back again, if you get the picture. And of these two conjunction moments, one is with Mercury this side and one other side of the Sun in relation to our earth. (See graphic)

Well tonight Mercury is crossing the Sun on our earth side, between Earth And Sun, called the “Inferior conjunction”, visible like a little speck on a telescope strong enough to observe it. And this marks the start of this specific cycle. Mercury then passes by the Sun, and in a few days appears to slow down, and becomes stationary around the Equinox point of 22 September this year, marking the end of his retrograde phase, and then slowly appears to speed up again, catching up with the Sun on 27 October, marking the “Superior conjunction” moment, when Mercury passes behind the Sun from our point of view. You can even look at your own personal birth chart horoscope and determine where Mercury was in this cycle, in relation to the Sun on your day of birth, and thus find out more about the way in which your mind works. Was Mercury ahead of or behind the Sun, was he moving forward (direct) or backwards (retrograde)?

Now when Mercury is within 8 degrees or less of the Sun, as it has been for just under a week, leading up to today’s conjunction, and as it will be again in the week to come, then he is “under the beams” and invisible to plain sight due to the glare of the Sun and thus considered somewhat weakened in strength and influence, adding possibly even more blockages to communication than the already retrograde influence suggests. But for one night only – and tonight’s the night – when Mercury comes to within 17 astronomical minutes (there are 60 mins in one degree) and less of the Sun’s position, then he is called “Cazimi” a medieval word denoting a moment of genius, insight, breakthrough revelation, and the like. This window of alignment and opportunity only lasts a few hours and will be open in the hours leading up to midnight and the ones thereafter, as Mercury reaches the heart of the Sun. So grasp and seize the moment, “Carpe Diem” for time and tide wait for no man and “tempis fugit” or time flies while he who hesitates is lost.

Mercury combust

Mercury cazimi talisman

Time may be conspicuous by its absence in the spiritual dimension, where only the eternal now is evident, and that present moment is always available to us all via meditation, stilling the Mercurial mind, and observing the temporary illusory chimera that make up this world for what they are. However, since we all still generally need to live by the laws of time which are governed by the planetary cycles, then the immanent Mercury moment as he conjuncts the Sun, then use this opportunity to consecrate a new mindset for yourself, harness that flash of inspiration, burn the midnight oil, and come out the other side with the plan of action, the answer to your riddle and the key to your future. If not now then when? If not you then who?

To find out more about your own personal horoscope, or to have a consultation or birth chart analysis please feel free to contact me and we can explore the details.