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The Earthy Grand Trine to help us realign: South Africa’s future in the balance

This week the Sun is in an earthy Grand Trine alignment with Jupiter and Pluto, bringing with it tremendous opportunity for personal growth and insight.

Grand Trine: South AfricaThe Sun is within 3 degrees of an exact 120 degree trine alignment with Jupiter today and at its usual rate of 1 degree a day, will be exact by Tuesday 3 May. It then moves toward an exact trine alignment with Pluto on Saturday 7 May. So for this entire week the influence of the Grand Trine will be available to us as a boost to our lives.

When two planets align at this angle in the same elemental signs – this time earthy Taurus and Virgo – it’s called a trine, which facilitates a healthy blending of the two planetary archetypes concerned. But when three planets align like this all in the mutual elements, it’s called a Grand Trine, and the three planetary archetypes are available to be harnessed for the duration of the alignment. We can allow for an orb of about 5 degrees as the faster-moving planet (in this case the Sun) approaches the exact angle. In other words from today, as the Sun approaches the focal planet of the three – Jupiter – already the influence of the alignment will be operational. Then by Tuesday 3 May the alignment becomes most potent, and as the Sun moves onward it approaches the alignment with Pluto, becoming exact, or again particularly potent by Saturday. Throughout this first week in May 2016 then we can expect the influence to be present.

Now Jupiter is already in its Trine aspect to Pluto, albeit with an orb of 4 degrees, and this part of the alignment thus is already facilitating in us wonderfully increased organizational ability or opportunity that can be useful in business, education and general public welfare, particularly where the recipient of the input is not just our own ego but rather society as a whole, or more specifically, the masses, most of whom may be needy. It provides an uplifting, almost exuberant quality to our natures, particularly those of us with the earth signs prominent in our charts, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. But generally we can all feel potentially more inspired, able to access our potential and, more particularly, inspire others to achieve theirs.

Now as the Sun gets involved in this aspect, it adds a more personal opportunity, the Sun being symbolic of our personality, our ego, as well as, curiously, any leader or head of an organization. So opportunity or favour from our boss, parent or leader in general may be forthcoming. It immediately boosts self-confidence, which attracts generosity from others, with a preference for fairness, good judgement and general good luck. Magnanimity in oneself and one’s benefactor or head may be available as a result. This can also imply good judgement by the law courts in favour of the masses, if not the head of state. Sometimes there is a conflict between favouring the head of a country or favouring his or her population, where one benefits at the expense of the other. Numerous heads of state are being challenged to face the music, the law courts now, like the Presidents of both Brazil and South Africa, who could both be on the verge of losing their jobs due to corruption – basically stealing from their people. So it will be interesting to see which way the sword of justice swings for them and the masses. Sun trine Jupiter could imply that the leader is given the benefit of the doubt as far as the legal judgement is concerned.

By the end of the week, as the Sun trines Pluto, righteous indignation may come to the fore, though it will bring out leadership qualities in us and the heads of state. It remains to be seen if either will use the opportunities and skills available for selfish interests or equitable and just distribution. Certainly investigative skill will be available to get to the truth, to the human motivations involved, and as long as the masses get their just share too, we and the leaders can possibly all come out benefiting from this Earthy Grand Trine. Especially if the charges against the leaders are trumped up, fabricated to bring them down by some ulterior force behind the scenes, not playing by the rules. Then the BRICS could topple because they tried to stop the NATO onslaught.

Ultimately the earth signs involved in this Grand Trine should facilitate us tapping into opportunities on the ground, and skills and resources will become available for us to further our material objectives. For the New Moon around the same time, at the end of this week, means that the Moon will also enter the Grand Trine as it conjuncts the Sun and thus both Sun and Moon will be in simultaneous alignment to Jupiter and Pluto. This means even more potency will be added since four heavenly bodies will be involved, even if only for a few hours. The Moon will indicate, possibly, the exact time of the result of this alignment manifesting to us, whether judgement or opportunity. Indeed, the New Moon moment in earthy Taurus on 6 May at 19h30 GMT (21h30 South Africa) could be just the moment that this alignment bears its greatest fruit. The Sun symbolises the head of state or boss, but the Moon symbolises the people, and since also trine Pluto here, facilitates the ability to handle and deal with and perhaps even resolve emotionally intense situations for the better by relinquishing the old and greatly improving domestic and business matters. Certainly emotional resilience will be available, along with resolve and unwavering determination to achieve your goal unobstructed. So nobody will be able to force anyone to do something they don’t wish to do, and that which is confidential will be kept secret. Thus we may never know how close we came to changing the course of our history for better or worse, because old allegiances and family ties make blood thicker than the ink of any contract or document written in law.


Freedom Day but for whom? The slavery never ended compatriots

With the focus on International Earth Day this week and Independence Day today for my fellow Rainbow Nation comrades, the earth, the land and our place on it have been recurring themes now.

Freedom Day Permaculture“Freedom Day” is the actual label for today’s public holiday, the day we celebrate our freedom gained 22 years ago from the oppression of a colonial regime that kept us enslaved and in relative ignorance sometimes at the barrel of a gun. The earth and our right to live on it, grow our own food on it and subsist on it were severely restricted 22 years ago when the flag had only three stripes on it, the stripes of the former colonising country.

But since liberation, every native has been constitutionally empowered to claim his or her freedom to acquire a piece of land, grow their own food, raise their own cattle and collect their own water. After all, the secret to a successful life, for the entire nation, on the levels where it really counts, is “simple living and high thinking”. A life lived on the land and in harmony with the land enables everyone to support themselves in the most healthy way with dignity and in sympathetic resonance with Mother Earth. Self-sufficient and self-sustaining decentralised small communities are the secret to future survival on Mother Earth. Never before has the mantra “simple living and high thinking” been more crucial, pertinent and timely than today. Mother Earth and our own nation are under the grips of one of the harshest droughts in modern history. And that means literally and figuratively. Literally dams are drying up, underground water is falling and food shortage is forcing entire countries to beg for emergency aid from the same foreign powers “Freedom Day” supposedly saved them from. Figuratively the global economy is in such a recession that traditional jobs have dwindled, fiat currency is devaluing daily and we are even worse off now than at the time of the 2008 global financial collapse.

Freedom Day Permaculture By returning to the land, investing in Permaculture farming, establishing cow protection and engaging everyone according to their nature, a community can save itself from approaching devastation. There may come a time when money becomes worthless, or food vanishes, along with municipal water and power. Then small farming communities become the source of survival and sustenance, as it was originally meant to be. And you would think that in the Rainbow Nation, the government who has liberated us from oppression would empower us by facilitating just such community self-sufficiency. Yet try to catch your own rain water in a tank from your roof and you will find out that there are now laws in place that prevent you from doing just that in some places, or heavily tax you according to how much you catch. In some countries you can’t even legally cultivate your own personal organic food crop any more. Or in our own nation compatriots, teaching Permaculture skills at schools in my area has been stopped in all but the Waldorf school. Stopped by the government. A friend nearby, who once made his millions in business and sailed his own yacht in the Med, retired from the rat race and mastered Permaculture living to the point that he was freely teaching up to 8 different local schools those very same essential survival skills, but was forced to back off and desist. The government did not want him to teach others how to be self-empowered, self-sufficient and truly liberated individuals. And try to go off the grid nowadays. Even there the government makes it difficult and in some places impossible to build your home without being linked up to their plumbing and their flouridated drinking water supply. In other words the government do not actually want you to have your freedom today. They want you on their system so that they can keep you in their tax base, under their influence and disempowered to liberate yourself still further. There is no real freedom from the elite, the system, the coloniser of your very mind. Even those trying to form their own self-sufficient farm community on private land, with compost toilets, rain tanks, organic food gardens and cows, are being fined, arrested or intimidated to desist.

This has been going on since Tesla, the greatest genius of the last 200 years. Just over 100 years ago he discovered that there was unlimited free energy available that could be tapped by every person wherever they are, without cables. He tapped into and channelled the positive charge of the upper atmosphere, combined with the negative charge of the geosphere (Mother Earth) and harnessed what could be called the Yin and Yang energies for all to tap. But his financier, one of the original global elitists, saw that he could make no money off this giving of free energy to the masses, so he shifted his funding to Edison and the light bulb was born, with all its miles and miles of copper wire.

The rest is history, but the same applies today when Mother Earth is at an ecological and humanitarian crisis of drought and food scarcity, and yet the government (and their backers, big corporations) would rather keep us dependent on their billable systems that waste precious water, keep us disempowered and dumbed down with the illusion of freedom so that the income gap grows instead of shrinks, and the 1% wallow in ill-gotten riches. You are not free to gain self-sufficiency. You are not allowed to teach others how to really free themselves from the oppressive system. Freedom Day is a big lie compatriots. You are not even free to go out distributing free food to the poor in their homes. I have case studies again of government concern at being seen as lacking, when handouts are supplied by someone other than them, whether here in Rainbowland or in that other “land of the free”. To the man on the ground it seems that the system is back to front, and it is so for a purpose, namely the corporation over the citizen. Those with the biggest guns control the resources and not even your vote counts in a rigged system.

Unless we wake up from this illusion of so-called freedom, we and Mother Earth, Bhumi Devi, will be exploitable and disposable, like every other commodity. So this is what our generation was born for. Our time has come to remember our power, remember the source of our power – heaven and earth – and shake off our ignorance by becoming informed, armed with the sword of knowledge, so that we can defend not only ourselves as a community but also our Mother Earth and the cows who are being exploited to such a degree that, unless we take a stand, it’s all over for Her and us. After all, Her resonance is our resonance. Tesla’s discoveries were taken further by German physicist Prof Schumann in the 1950’s who eventually labelled the actual 7.8 hz frequency at which the earth vibrates after himself. And it turns out that, at our best, we all vibrate at 7.8 for when relaxed, the alpha rhythm of our brains is 7.8 hz or the “Schumann Resonance”. Modern, non-rural city life has distorted our vibration to the degree that we are out of harmony with Mother Earth, prevented from tapping into the vibration of the stratosphere and geosphere, and thus we have a below optimum immune system and general well-being. This is where simple living on a self-sufficient farm community is literally the secret to the highest thinking, feeding one’s body, mind and soul, as always intended by Mother Earth for Her dependents.


Mercury Retrograde and Mandela lives on

As Mercury comes to a retrograde station again this week on 28 April, the Winged Messenger slows to his point of stagnation at an interesting time in history.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Taurus the bull

Mercury stations now in Taurus, where he will enjoy his retrograde pastimes for the next 3 weeks until May 22. And curiously South Africa, as a nation celebrates its Independence day or birthday the day before the station, on April 27, making it originally a Taurus country by birth. And that seems to align with the mood and spirit of the country as an agricultural and mining hub of Africa, with the most leisurely bureaucratic pace one could imagine, like a heavy cow, strolling to its destination with all the time in the world – “African time”, they call it. Similar to “Indian time”…. “just now coming”, “now now”. So the slowing down of Mercury now could really exacerbate the sluggish pace of the already sluggish system.

To be sure the Taurus theme is a slow, steady, materially-focused, earthy one. The land, the cows and the senses are all of primary importance to the Taurus countries and the Taurus minds; and our minds may also be able to find time to stop and smell the roses. Particularly if the wheels of industry are at their slowest too, since the economy is at such a sluggish state, with almost zero percent growth, stagflation at best. Mercury retrograde in Taurus may force us to rethink our values, re-evaluate what it means to be well-off, what real wealth is, what really has value to me in this age of the crumbling local currency, the crumbling global economy and the critical credit crunch, all meeting at this precarious time in history. House prices may not be as reliable any more, but land is always a valuable item you can hold in your hand, along with food, commodities. This is the realm of Taurus and Mercury there facilitates the traders in such stock now, stock that appeals to the senses – the eyes, tongue, ears, etc. Land means food, and cows, and stability. Cash in the hand, and the sound of the names of the divine, as they say, are the only items to be relied on. That was Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami over 100 years ago, keeping it real by enunciating the real values, not credit with the bank and the Hollywood brand.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Mandela statue outside parliament in South Africa

Another interesting event this week just as the Mercury retrograde starts in Taurus, is the unveiling of a 6 meter high statue of Nelson Mandela, the founder and hero of the Taurus nation of South Africa. This occurs just two days before the Mercury station, but it’s not happening in Mandela’s home country. It’s happening in Palestine. That’s right, the Mayor of Johannesburg, biggest gold mining city in Africa, Mr Tau (now there’s a name of the divine for you), is unveiling this gigantic statue in what is known as Johannesburg’s twin city – Ramallah – in Palestine. Mr Mayor said in his speech

“We see the statue as a symbol of friendship‚ as a symbol of demonstrating our solidarity but also hopefully as an inspiration to the people of Palestine that you indeed would be able to achieve your freedom…We are here as the people of South Africa to say we stand in solidarity with you‚ we stand in solidarity with your struggles and we understand the difficulties that you go through…Ultimately it is when you have experienced the real hardships of the people of Palestine that you understand the difficult situation that the people of Palestine are going through.”

After all, it was Nelson Mandela himself who said in 1997 that “our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”. Now that is solidarity, based on the fundamental issue of land. Land ownership is as crucial an issue in SA as it is in Palestine. Still today most of Mandela’s people do not own land, have few cows, and little access, as a result, to dignity, self-respect or even economic opportunity, but at least they are free. And they vote and they can live and move where they please in their own country, their own state. The same cannot be said for the Palestinian people, who are corralled like cattle, “goyin” behind concentration camp walls, unable to move, access goods, live a normal life or call themselves free sovereign people in any way whatsoever. So it is fitting that a statue of the man most famed for giving his nation their land back, and a semblance of dignity and opportunity, be erected as a beacon of hope for some of the most oppressed and cheated people in the world today. Apartheid is alive and well and prays at the Wailing Wall, having left South Africa’s law books and constitution for ever.
Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Palestine then and now

Africa belongs to the black Africans, we colonialist settlers must face the truth, admit the obvious and step aside as the African is returned to his or her land, as it is redistributed again at last. And the same is to be said of the Palestinians. They must have their land returned to them, along with their sovereignty, for they have lived there for centuries. A peaceful two-state solution is the answer, as Mandela also wanted for them. Give a man some seeds, land and a cow and you feed him for life, you empower him, with his God-given legacy. Today in South Africa people are gradually being given houses on land by the government, while in Palestine homes are systematically bombed into oblivion, while the residents are deliberately kept on “a diet”. In other words the oppressor only allows just enough calories per person to enter the territory via the locked gates, to keep them alive but not thriving. When basic human rights are trampled upon in this way, we must wonder what has happened to the value system of humanity, wonder where we lost our way in the pursuit of that which is so valuable that it is more valuable than life itself.
So during the Mercury retrograde through earthy Taurus, take time to go back and re-evaluate what life is really worth to you, what are the real values, real valuables to satisfy our senses, and what are we being allured with by the powers that be, to such a degree that even our common sense is bewildered, and our humanity is stolen from us without us even noticing, and our dignity and self-respect and self-worth are eroded, lifted by the nimble fingers of propagandists pick pocketing the heart of its true treasure, namely divine remembrance and thus the sanctity of all life, even our own, our neighbour’s and our cows.