Lunar Eclipse on Gaura Purnima of 23March ’16

Lunar Eclipse of Gaura Purnima The lunar eclipse this full moon on 23 March is exactly aligned with Mercury forming a triplicity ready to combust. The chances of Mercury being exactly combust or conjunct the Sun at the very moment he aligns with the Moon is one in 360, so it couldn’t be more perfect for celebrating the anniversary of the androgynous Mercurial guide of the soul, Krishna avatar himself, Thrice great Hermes, Winged Messenger Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

A full moon like this is rare, and within moments of Easter and Passover, and the Equinox. This moment seems pregnant with opportunity. It’s not a total eclipse, only an annular one, so not close enough to the Node or ecliptic to form a major shadow as we perform our passing parade, Sun, Moon, Earth and Mercury all in exact alignment for the blink of an eye.

I would definitely recommend a party or ceremony of sorts. The Aries – Libra polarity of planets facilitates meeting others, and ultimately it is better to have a more conscious roll in arranging how your horoscope plays itself out. Because Mercury is occluded, or blinded in influence by the dazzling rays of solar effulgence, communicating may be problematic, so learn sign language if you need to, because in Aries, the spontaneous, impulsive fire of enthusiasm is ready to be kindled. A clash may emerge between the Aries need for self determination and the Libra tendency toward relationship or team work. Considering the self versus considering the other. The peace maker versus the war hawk. And to add fuel to the fire, Mars the ruler of Aries, is perfectly aligned with Sun and Moon by harmonious trine and sextile. That should ideally facilitate a healthy outlet for the enthusiasm. Arrange to use the day expressing your enthusiasm and self confident side in some meaningful event or meditation. It’s an energetic day with more energy available than usual. Don’t let misunderstandings or lack of communication dishearten you. Even too much communication could turn into a problem so remember to guard the tongue from impulsive regretful outbursts. Do expect banter and rational debate to get heated, but then watch it bring out the peace maker and diplomat in us. Dialogue, and the ability to keep the channels open, even when saying nothing, is the foundation of harmonious inter -relationship skills, and relationships are the place where life expresses itself, where we define ourselves, where many lives are made or broken. This full moon can give us a time to align ourselves in such a way, that our entire being is aligned, reptile, animal and human brains. Noon GMT or 2pm Central African Time, marks the moment of actual exact alignment, if perhaps you want to plan a moment to signify the event.

Venus is within four degrees of an exact alignment or conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This facilitates a refined capacity to use beautiful audio and visual stimuli to shift consciousness, to tell someone you love them, to hear the music of the spheres. A Holywood actor donating his salary to the cause of media liberation, when playing Edward Snowden in a feature film recently, is for example, a fine way to harness the tongue, be a voice for libertarian, help empower humanity to find its voice, speak out against oppression or tyrany. Snowden, another Winged Messenger incarnate, has certainly given the masses their voice, Him and Assange carry the torchlight of knowledge high so that all can see the villainy going on behind the scenes by those in power. These men will be remembered as heroes for their sacrifice that has helped enlighten humanity. Compassion is rare in a dog eat dog world, but it does still exist in every one of us, and hearing about or remembering great souls who have set the example before us, is one way to tap into the same uplifting wavelength, channel the force and feel the fires of inspiration rev your engines.

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