Full Moon in Leo and the fixed polarity

Full moon Full moon tonight peaks in the early hours of Sunday morning around 03h45 in the Central African/European time zone two hours east of Greenwich. According to the Western system this is a Leo full moon with Sun in the opposite sign of Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius polarity produces an interesting dynamic of fixed signs this weekend, where the qualities of reliability, stability, determination and reluctance to change are the foundation. “Fixed” signs (which include Taurus and Scorpio), as the name implies, bring with them a fixity of of character which provide great strength and will-power but also a lack of adaptability. So those with them strongly featured in their charts will rather put up with a situation than change it. Or they will slowly but surely chip away at a problem or challenge with careful determination in order to bring about any change required. When the irresistible force meets the immovable object, magic or miracles can and do occur, but first momentum needs to be activated. Under this fixed Full Moon there may be an initial tendency to conserve energy, despite the enormous reserves of energy available, so if the wheels can at least be set in motion, then great and dramatic moves can be made. So come on and make your move.

With the Sun in Aquarius, the mood is predominantly a democratic one, stimulated by themes of brotherhood, group or teamwork, equality and principles fair play. The Leo moon, on the other hand, brings with it the polar opposite of an autocratic mood, where one feels the urge to take command like a ruler or noble lion, being in control of all we survey. Leo inspires us to feel pride, to show off or perform in the limelight before the public. It inspires us to take centre stage, to display our talents or creativity, like a doting parent who takes pride in showing off his or her children – the creations of their union. So this Full Moon weekend should be the prime opportunity to go out there and shine, be seen, show off your skills, your art, and tap into the creativity available to play and have fun. At the same time, however, it is crucial to consider the other, the group, even if they are now the audience. Both ends of the polarity need to be considered now.

On the other end of the spectrum the Aquarius ideals of brotherhood and equality need to be remembered, and the ability to get involved in group causes is available. Particularly groups involved in fighting for justice for our fellow humanity, under principles of fairness and equality. Humanitarian causes that campaign for the liberation of the masses from oppression, that enlighten society by bringing them out of darkness, that are progressive, revolutionary or even somewhat eccentric to some, may be the perfect channel for our expression under Aquarius. Those with this particular polarity strong in their birth charts will be moved perhaps to nobly take the leading role in the collective group endeavour, thus incorporating the Leo leadership role with the Aquarius humanitarian theme.

Aquarius implies bonds of friendship amongst equals, while Leo has more to do with love and romance, or parental love for children. So meeting friends, new or old is accentuated this weekend, while at the same time perhaps even deepening the relationship with friends to one of love. A friend can become a lover and a lover is also a close friend ideally. One type of relationship is more cool and detached but the other is more heartfelt and intimate. The challenge this weekend is to cultivate our relationships in such a way that we show our love and concern while at the same time not stifling the other. And yet we also don’t want to be too detached or aloof in the expression of our connection. Leo is fire and Aquarius and air sign after all, and their qualities manifest accordingly in the relationships they have. With both peaking this Full Moon, close bonds and ties of friendship and affection can blossom, great causes can be furthered for the upliftment of humanity, and great creative artistic endeavours can be displayed, whether your art is music or imagery, or even if you are the art piece yourself. We should feel proud to shine while at the same time not forcing others to live in our shadow. Ego thus needs to be controlled with a sense of justice and fairness. We are all equal on the planet, all life is equally valuable, all humans have the spark of divinity within, so by seeing and respecting the spark of the divine within others just as much as within ourselves, we will never be able to walk over others, or allow our vision to become distorted into seeing ourselves as extra special or privileged above others. Pride is a symptom of false ego and a distorted self-image, while insecurity on the other hand is also an ego-based obstacle to shining as we could. By each taking a turn to shine or by showing our prowess in facilitating the creative expression of others, we all blossom and share our abilities together, one for all and all for one, like the Muskateers of old.

So during this Leo Full Moon we can focus on the theme of relationships and observe what role we play in our interaction with others. How do we see ourselves in relation to our partner, family unit or group? Are we trying to be lord of all we survey, are we seeing others from our ego point of view, where due to some aberration of superiority we feel it justifiable to exploit the other for our gratification? Or are we observing the other from a soul point of view where we are all obviously part and parcel of the same one original source, all minute in relation to the whole, yet all equally empowered by the whole, all in this together as mirrors of each other in the grand scheme of life and consciousness?

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