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Western versus Vedic Astrology

AstrologyWhen considering Western astrology (tropical zodiac) versus Vedic astrology or Jyotish (siderial zodiac), one may ask, “what’s the difference?” Well to be exact, the difference between the tropical and siderial zodiac is 23 degrees. That is the fundamental difference in the zodiac wheel of 360 degrees. If we go back around 1500 – 2000 years we see that the two zodiac systems were aligned. However, due to the precession of the equinox, which moves at around 1 degree every 70 years, the alignment has drifted to about 23 degrees apart. So for example any planet within the first 23 degrees of a sign of the tropical Western zodiac, will appear back in the previous sign of the siderial Vedic zodiac wheel. The precession of the equinox is a 26000 year cycle, where the earth wobbles on its axis, and thus the two zodiac systems would realign every 26000 years, when the wobble came back full circle to its original position. By staying true to the positions in the heavens of planets used thousands of years ago, the western system has moved out of alignment with the actual literal or real zodiac used by Jyotish and by astronomers globally. So the Vedic positioning of the planets is the accurate one literally speaking, and yet both systems have revealed themselves to be remarkably meaningful and valuable in their results. One can only wonder about this.

A secondary or more general difference between Western astrology and Vedic astrology is that the Vedic astrologer focuses primarily on prediction, or the client’s future fame, fortune, and finances, whereas the Western astrologer also focuses – ironically – on analysing personality, talents, potential character and abilities. This appears contradictory to the general understanding that the Vedic wisdom usually discusses one’s true nature, original identity and self-realization, while the west is usually more preoccupied with mundane future potential success or failure. Well it is rather paradoxical that roles seem to be reversed here, but the reason for this is that the West is so much more aligned with the notion of “free will”, where individuals make their own fate and fortune based on their personal desires and choices. On the other hand, the Vedic culture, which has worked for thousands of years with Jyotish as a system largely used for prediction, is steeped in a tradition of predestiny, where according to the caste system, one is born into a certain role, like servant or merchant, based on the father’s position, and that is where one stays. So there is much less room for using free will or conscious choice to make one’s fate or build character. So whereas it initially appears as if Jyotish has the more accurate approach to astrological interpretation, now it seems as if the western analysis which gives details as to one’s personality with its strengths and flaws, seems to be the more appropriate or meaningful one.

There are other differences in the two systems, like the use of the recently discovered outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – by Western astrology, but not by Jyotish. These outer planets were, of course, never visible until the invention of the telescope in the west. Still further asteroids – like Chiron, Juno, etc – have also been discovered and named in recent years, and some contemporary astrologers are incorporating their use and interpretation into horoscope analyses too. Jyotish, on the other hand, uses the 27 Nakshatra divisions, or lunar mansions of 13.5 degrees each, to divide up and interpret the horoscope. Thus there are various similarities and also differences in the two astrological systems, and the modern astrologer can happily incorporate both into his or her analysis of any individual. Vedic literature had such a vast library of instruction into the self, the identity and one’s role in the cosmos, that astrology was not needed to understand oneself, but was simply used as a tool of prognostication and prediction for the future of the person in question. The West, on the other hand, had much less instruction into the nature of consciousness, identity and selfhood, that until the advent of modern psychology, astrology was used by alchemists and doctors to analyse the person according to the horoscope with its four elements and corresponding humours (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic). Modern psychological research has subsequently discovered and constructed a system of psychoanalysis, which some find corresponds with astrology and can be used in tandem when analysing personality. And as we advance, we are coming almost full circle, as modern research now sometimes echoes ancient instructions as to the nature of matter, self and consciousness.

Ultimately it seems that as long as one is sincere in wishing to discover the true meaning of life, the true nature of oneself, one will find answers in either system. Even Vedic culture, when seen from a mundane point of view, without accurate spiritual interpretation, can appear incomplete or can limit one to a caste system that traps us in a totally unnecessary mould, based on birth. It is only when we understand the transcendent wisdom of Vedanta that we see destiny to be based not on birth, but on qualities and actions, as stated in Bhagavad Gita. And likewise even modern western psychology is based to a degree on speculation which results in forever revising and reviewing its analysis of consciousness, whereas Vedanta has always had the inside track on that core crucial subject matter. So ultimately astrology, whether western or Vedic, should always be seen in perspective, or in relation to real self-awareness or self-realization, which identifies one as existing before this horoscopic birth, as beyond the limitations and paradigms of the birth chart alone. Nevertheless, if you have your exact time of birth, for both systems are adamant about that foundation, then astrology can aid one in a mundane understanding of personality, and thus like a mirror held up to our ego, reflect back at us what we instinctively already know, but find comfort in re-membering when presented from an apparently objective outside source.

Shopping to make a difference

Holistic shoppingViva to the Capetownians who consider where their food comes from, who shop local, organic and seasonal, who support community empowering farming initiatives and who benefit themselves and the planet in the process.

Watch this video made by UCT students and see some bright young faces who think, care and act accordingly.

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Mercury still conjunct Pluto exposing the hidden truth for all

Mercury conjunct PlutoSince Mercury is at its slowest now during the stationary phase, it has languished at the same degree or two of the zodiac for the entire last week of January. And that very position happens to be precisely conjunct Pluto. So although I have mentioned the Mercury – Pluto conjunction this past week in a previous article, I want to elaborate still further on this unusually extended alliance and alignment between the closest and furthest planets from the Sun. We are talking about the fastest and the slowest planets in the zodiac coincidentally spending an entire week at such an exact alignment, the likes of which is seldom seen in the history of their liaisons. Mercury, ambassador of the rational mind, and Pluto, ambassador of the Underworld and all its hidden contents, are locked in step having serious negotiations, where the symbolic result on our psyches this week is sure to be a compulsive urge to ferret out those hidden secrets kept in the dark until now. What skulduggery is being perpetrated behind closed doors that needs to be exposed, needs to be made conscious, needs to be made known to the public, brought up from Pluto’s underworld realm so that we can know what’s really going on?

The mind is empowered now as Mercury aligns with Pluto, with the resourcefulness, lucidity and determination to seek the truth, regardless of the illusions it shatters along the way. Mercury may symbolise the investigative journalist, the media, who now expose certain unsavoury truths in their press releases. For example it turns out that the top six banks in the world, the institutions we take our money to for safe keeping, have been found guilty of illegally manipulating the downfall of multiple currencies across the globe, including our humble ZAR. Thus they have been fined $5.6 billion for their criminality, which has been going on for five years, but was only exposed this week as Mercury and Pluto align. In other words the biggest of the big corporations, the ones that are supposed to be the safest and have our best interests at heart, are actually the biggest villains. Therefore how can we take anyone at face value any more? And a little fine is not going to stop them. This is not the first time they have been caught fraudulently manipulating the global financial market to such a degree that entire countries can be crushed at their mere whim. Indeed it was similar financial superpowers that deliberately caused the entire global financial crisis of 2008, the one from which we are still trying unsuccessfully to recover. Certain individuals made piles of profit from crippling the world in that way. And that is precisely the evil that lurks below the surface, the Plutonian shadow banking industry, the Mafia who enslave us, that are being investigated, exposed and publicly shamed in the press today. At least the Mafia are open criminals. These banksters are secret criminals and thus more insidious in their villainy, showing a respectable public persona while behind the scenes they rob you blind.

And where else might this blatant criminality be going on? The rise in journalist assassinations around the globe in the past few years clearly tells us that there are political evils being perpetrated that these journalists wish to expose. We become empowered by such knowledge of the truth. Knowledge will always be power, and that is why those who steal power mercilessly will always try to hide it from the masses to keep us disempowered. Well, there will always be truth seekers who smell something rotten in the state of Terra. We the people are slowly becoming informed, thanks to the internet, and are rising up against the political oppressors of this world – the biggest ones being the worst. Let’s see how long our internet freedom actually lasts.

The compulsive communicator archetype is activated, during this Mercury – Pluto alignment, but superficial gossip will not suffice. At times like these we are forced to realize that life cannot be taken at face value. No one can be trusted any more. We are all under bigger illusions than we realize, thinking our democratic voting system is fair while behind the scenes it’s a rigged game and the house always wins. Yet a bigger illusion exists, and that is the depth of insight to which we should really be diving. The real illusion of Maya under which we all slumber is, of course, the illusion of our actual identity, of who we really are. Schools, colleges, advertisers and politicians are all tools used by Maya to keep us in the dark as to the truth. Those in power have vested interests in the masses remaining in ignorance, for then they remain disempowered, unconscious of their real potential to overthrow their captor, the prison warden, and rise up to the their original glory. Political and economic underworld villainy has been going on since time immemorial, but even more importantly the real truth of our identity beyond this shell of a body and automatic programme of a mind is to be found in ancient sacred texts like the Vedas, where those who wish to go deeper have discovered such revelations as “aham brahmasmi” – I am eternal spirit. I am not this temporary body. And as spirit I have an identity of “sad chit ananda” – eternal, fully blissful consciousness. That is the real secret truth that needs to be exposed and revealed to the world, instead of being suppressed by those in power who wish to keep us in the dark so that we can be exploited for their pleasure. That is what you call going to the root of the matter, the root of life on earth, compared to which the politics and economics of the day are superficial and secondary issues. By diving into the depths of Pluto’s hidden underworld domain, we find not only dark and shady truths, but also the buried treasure more valuable than gold – the treasure of transcendent consciousness. Pluto is the Lord of buried treasure, and so at times like these we have a perfect opportunity to plummet those depths and find out who we are and thus become empowered by that self-realization to such a degree that we once more are able to glimpse the ecstasy inherent in our own selves, the real gold which has been kept hidden from us for the benefit of those that will exploit humanity, whether they be in the guise of politician, banker or even priest. So take this opportunity to get to the root of your identity as eternal consciousness and life will never appear the same again.

The colour Brown/Black in the Aura

Aura interpretationsEarth Aura

This aura type represents wood, plant, mineral and soil. These are very important colours to have in your aura and it’s a very positive sign. You’ll find these colours in the people who spend a lot of time in nature or work outdoors, such as in farming or construction works. The colours reflect a person who is grounded and has a strong love for the Earth.

Light Brown Aura

This aura type indicates a personality that is constantly discouraged or confused. Reflecting a lack of confidence in ones self, the subject addressed or the present situation.

Dark Brown

This aura type indicates a selfish, deceptive, fault finding personality.

Dirty Brown Overlay Aura

This Aura type reflects a personality that is holding on to energies, due to insecurities.

Black Aura

This aura type indicates  a tendency of a miserly, negative, hateful, depressed or an ill personality. Unfortunately this colour is always an indication of a danger.

Dark & Muddy Gray Aura

This Aura type reflects a residue of fear that is accumulating within the body, showing a potential for health issues, especially if one can see gray clusters in specific areas of the body.

Black Aura

This aura type pulls or draws energy towards it and in turn transforms it. It captures the light and then devours it. Usually this personality indicates a long-term of not being forgiving and is directed towards others or other. This energy is stored in a specific area of the body and this can lead to entities within the aura, chakras or body, major health problems; past-life hurts; or unreleased grief due to an abortion if it appears over the ovaries.

Mercury stationary aligns with the Uranus – Pluto square

Mercury stationary directWith Mercury finishing its retrograde phase today, the winged messenger spends the 25th at a standstill before going direct or moving forward again in the zodiac. This stationary direct position for the day is considered potentially favourable for all who wish to harness the moment to their advantage. It’s a curious coincidence that Mercury makes this momentary pause within one degree of an exact conjunction with Pluto, which is still within orb of its own long-standing square to Uranus. As we speak, large swathes of the USA have come to their own type of standstill too, as formidable snow storms lock down the mobility of millions in a multi-state state of emergency, if that makes sense. And with the States in a state, and everyone going nowhere, the global economy is also at a type of standstill, in some countries more so than others. Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and our own South Africa are on the brink of – or have just entered into- an economic recession. That means the economy is not growing but actually shrinking from one year to the next. And it may take more than just Mercury’s direct motion to get these economies into motion again.

Mercury’s momentary alignment with the generationally challenging Uranus – Pluto square aspect that has been affecting our entire planet for the past few years already, gives us the opportunity to reflect on our global financial and political institutions, and the crisis in which they find themselves. China’s added economic slowdown is leading the domino affect hitting the rest of us, which only adds to job losses and unwanted stagnation in the lives of millions. Now this is not a new scenario. The recent historical financial meltdown of 2007/8 has not been repaired and those who run the economic world and make the decisions as to its direction, have simply kicked the can down the road, so to speak, patching the leaky economy with plasters, knowing full well that it will actually grow worse, and that the problem will have to be addressed by future generations, or that the problem is actually unsolvable due to negligence, mismanagement and – to be honest – outright criminal fraud and corruption on a monumental scale. Any economics academic will admit as much, and there are enough references from experts who say so online.

Adding to job losses is the new threat of the “fourth industrial revolution”. I say threat because, although it sounds like a boon, and it may well be, some fear losing their job to a machine as automation takes over from manual labour to do the dirty work and allow us to one day create a three-day weekend. The only problem is where do all the mine or factory workers and farm labourers go to find jobs and income once they are retrenched? So as the upper middle class ease into working less and having more leisure time, the majority of working class fear their demise as the income gap and inequality widens and an uncertain future leaves them with a sense of desperation. Ultimately this is a generational crisis affecting the entire planet, and we are the collateral damage in the roll out of a new era of economics and technology. Block-chain technology, for example, is allowing the connected few with online access the ability to bypass the criminal banksters and join the digital bitcoin economy, for lifeboats are available as the Titanic sinks before our eyes. But the lifeboats are too few, and its every man for himself it seems, as the few at the top grab what they can, leaving the majority to flounder in the chilling waves of despair in which they find themselves. It will take some colossal shift to really turn the tide on the planet now in favour of the masses who inhabit it, and the political will is simply lacking.

Nevertheless it can be done, even if at a grass roots level, one by one, on the ground, people empower themselves as entrepreneurs and seize the day, even if it’s just for today, one day at a time, to harness the financial system to their advantage. Otherwise the system may have to implode on itself, collapse into world war and then rebuild from the ashes. Of course, we have seen in the past how the winners claim the spoils and carve up the terrain for themselves, sometimes laying the foundations for another generation of unnecessary conflict and turmoil. So global revolution or war is not really the solution. Rather on a day like today, with Mercury stationary and about to go direct, while aligned with the critical generational Pluto – Uranus square, the opportunity awaits us to harness the available resources around us, and mould them into a commodity or service that can be traded for what we need. Mercury is the god of traders and travellers, and there is always a buck to be made in buying and selling, in trade and industrious effort of any sort. Especially amongst those with internet access. And it is us with the basic technical skills and access who need to consider it our duty to uplift our fellow humanity by educating or employing them for their benefit and ours. Then we can all work smart instead of working hard, and we can all enjoy that three-day weekend (maybe not in China where they demand a seven day work week). Ultimately a balanced life means working just enough to keep body and soul together, while the rest of the time is used for self-actualization, self-realization. It’s a distortion to judge a person by their external value or how much money they make. That aberration has been engineered by certain elites to brainwash us into being economic slaves. To place profit as the goal of lie, as corrupted crony-capitalism has done, is to alienate humanity from their true worth and value as multi-faceted individuals with gifts and skills and needs that far supersede mere money for food and shelter. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explained it psychologically decades ago already when placing survival at the bottom and self-realization at the top of the pyramid of needs. By forcing the masses of humanity to spend all of their time desperately seeking a means for survival, or selling out their entire lives to making someone else rich in exchange for survival, the economic and political elite have enslaved the soul if not the body of humankind and robbed them of their soul purpose. And it is up to every individual to realize this and reclaim their birthright, their freedom and their dignity, and today is the day to do it.