Mercury in Capricorn under the whip

Mercury in CapricornWith Mercury in earthy Capricorn for the rest of the month, it’s a good opportunity to organise, plan and schedule our lives, as the mind is more able to add structure, use time-planning and basically run a smooth, results-driven programme, much like a business executive or office planner. The traditional ideas appeal more now and anything tried and tested will resonate more. New experimental ideas may have to wait under this conservative influence. Thoughts may be slower and more carefully thought out, so spontaneous bright light bulbs may be missing, and some may find it a bit boring, but the ability for longer hours of structured thought do have their value in grinding out results, particularly ones that work and that are profitable, and even enhance the reputation in this status-driven sign. Ambitions will drive us to burn the midnight oil, regardless of the fact that it may be holiday season. Long and hard planning can also go into the big festive gathering, for example, where all are invited and the schedule includes a detailed itinerary to be followed with utmost punctuality.

New ideas may not be grasped or taken on board now, but old ones will be remembered in detail, and less may be said in this understated atmosphere. The mind may leave us feeling overly serious if we’re not careful, where duties, obligations and the like – even self-imposed – demand our attention. This is the managerial mind rearing its head during the vacation time, so it’s a contradictory mood overall. Nevertheless, the cautious approach may pay off, especially if the budget is tighter than ever under the current economic trends globally. The normally overextended holiday season budget may be kept in check for a change under the cautious conservatism of Mercury in Capricorn. A stick in the mud is better than a sink hole of debt, which only leaves us with a financial hangover for which there is little remedy other than the same austerity measure we should have imposed in the first place. I know it doesn’t sound festive, but then let’s be realistic, short term thinking is infantile anyway. The business executive who is driven to succeed, to achieve results or reputation, may seldom have time for a holiday, when time is money, time is short and getting shorter, and hay needs to be made, especially here in the sunny south, though ultimately applicable everywhere in today’s internationally connected web of industry called the globalised market place.

Working two jobs or more is the new norm – for both spouses in the family, compared to a time back in the good old days, before I was born, when a single earner per household was adequate. Times have changed and as the middle class gets squeezed out of existence, you either claw your way up by the sweat of your brow, or you sink into poverty with the increasing multitudes. That is how the top 1% are squeezing us 99% into the new slavery to the dollar, while they toy with their stocks and investments and with our pension funds as if we are just numbers in an equation. The masses can only take so much before they revolt. Unless of course you are in China, Japan or Korea for example, where parents drive their kids like sweat shop labourers to achieve, to produce results, to work after school hours at extra caricular studies, all day, every day, lest they fall into the pit of clamouring jobless, bringing their families into shame, and failing to provide for the paternal task masters themselves. The result is invariably a higher rate of mental illness, depression and suicide. But that is how the big squeeze weeds out the weaker genes. These are all Mercury in Capricorn themes and as you can imagine, in a more delicate mindset, attuned more to spiritual pursuits, or skills and talents other than IQ, like EQ (emotional quotient) etc, the strain of excessive pressure, crushing student debt and globalised corporate consumerism, will result in the world losing some of its beauty, its joy and its humanness.

So be very careful of the capitalist machine as it grows ever more powerful in our modern age, for all other values may be ground under foot, as the real mission in life gets swallowed up by a hungry monster of the corrupt capitalist aristocracy, the real mission, which is not about results, but about presence, about consciousness and more about being than doing. We are already deep into the jaws of the monster, and it is only if we see those before us go sliding down the throat of that monster never to be seen again, that those with foresight can grab its tongue and rip it out at the root. The Swiss will know what I’m talking about, for in their capital city is a public sculpture of the thousand year old mythical monster that eats little children. And that capital city is ironically the city of capital, where some of the biggest banks in the world are housed, where all capital goes to hide to avoid taxation or investigation. So take a moment to reflect now on where you stand, and how balanced your stance is in light of the artificial pressures imposed by an unseen force and how real you are compared to the true interpretation of what it means to be human.