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12 edible indigenous South African plants

12 edible indigenousThe Botanical Society of South Africa encourages indigenous gardening, awareness about conservation, and the wise use of indigenous plants in southern Africa.

Good Hope Garden Nursery shared some great tips on indigenous plants that you can easily grow and harvest in your very own garden for medicinal remedies and exciting culinary experiences.

We have a treasure trove of edible and medicinal plants within our rich plant kingdom in South Africa. It is important to know what part of the plant to use and how it can be used for culinary concoctions; some are edible only in certain seasons or after certain preparations. Below are a selection of a few of my favourite, pretty well-known wild flavours that are popular among landscapers so you may even have some growing!

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Sun trine Neptune (End Oct)

Since the sun moves around the entire zodiac in one year, it makes all the alignments with all the planets during that time, even if they’re fleeting. The current approaching trine to Neptune which peaks at the end of October, happened around the same time last year, and it brings with it an opportunity to absorb quickly any new ideas, while still comprehending them deeply.

AstrologyThose ideas could be quite profound too considering the water signs involved. The inspiration accompanying them can inspire the imagination, as if hearing celestial music of the spheres, or the voice of one’s guardian angel. Some of us will hear, while some will be intuitively inspired to be the speaker, singer or player that inspires those hearers. But certainly all of us can tap into a mood of selfless love that is available now. This is a love that rises above selfish or mundane lust, and enables us to feel true compassion, to see through the thin veil that separates us from each other, and to therefore glimpse our common unity, if even for a moment.

And it is that mood which enables the healer to heal even their opponent, to forgive him when he knows not what he does in ignorance, or if nothing else, at least to dream of that utopian ideal. It is only those who are grounded enough to apply those visions practically who will seem to benefit, as they use their insight to back the right investment, follow the best current, arrive in the right place at the right time, or say the right words to inspire their hearer when he or she most needs it.

So let yourself be attuned, though it may be at your own pace or when you least expect it, for inspiration seldom follows a schedule. A dictaphone at the bedside has allowed more than one visionary to capture their dream on record in the middle of the night, and go on to turn that revelation into the source of inspiration it can be.

King Gaud has morning tea

Advisor: Good morning your majesty, here is your schedule for the day

Gaudi King: Ah yes, I see that beheading is today. Get my limo ready.

A: Are you sure you want to go ahead with that?

GK: Is that a pun my man?

HumourA: No majesty, it’s just that he was arrested as a boy of 17, it may look harsh.

GK: Don’t worry about that. He is the son of my hated enemy, that activist; we must set a good example. No one criticises the king.

A: But we are head of the UN Human Rights Council now majesty. Shouldn’t we set a good example?

GK: Look, if the Kingdom of Nacirema can operate their prison industrial complex with impunity, then why can’t we also have a little execution occasionally. The Texanians will love it. And bring me my tea – three sugar lumps.

A: Majesty I’m afraid we only have one lump today, the treasury has been drained by that war we are conducting in the Kingdom of Youmen.

GK: Oh very well, I’m willing to make a little sacrifice for that. Just be sure that the beheading is followed by the boy’s crucifixion then.

A: But he will already be headless majesty.

GK: So what, we send a strong message by parading the crucifixion through the town square this afternoon. That will make up for my lack of sugar today, he he.

A: Very well majesty, will there be anything else?

GK: Yes, get me King Abrack on the phone. I want to boost the treasury again, and his cronies are making so much money with that privatised prison industry – incarcerating innocents without access to a lawyer for up to a year. I want to pick up some tips from him.

A: Are you sure majesty? The Naciremans seem a bit soft to me on using torture these days.

GK: Don’t be fooled by that Kenyan puppet’s soft appearance. Their Intelligence Agency love their torture; they just call it “enhanced interrogation techniques”. I don’t know why they don’t just come out of the closet. Torture is torture.

A: But I thought they were a democracy majesty?

GK: Ha ha ha. They wear their sheep’s clothing so well my man, even you are fooled. Any biscuits with that tea?

A: Certainly majesty. What about that report the Naciremans posted saying enhanced interrogation is banned because it is ineffective?

GK: That never stopped their Agency. They have such good doctors there that when they discovered that “learned helplessness” strategy by experimenting on dogs, they couldn’t help but try it on their humans… Naciremans are dogs anyway so I guess it’s all the same, ha ha ha… Don’t tell them that though, we are supposed to be partners.

A: Will you be holding your movie night after the crucifixion Majesty?

GK: Yes of course, let’s watch “The Manchurian Candidate” again. I got some good ideas from that one. Now where did I put that manifesto from King Jung…

Mercury opposition Uranus Cardinal T-square Pluto

As Mercury and Uranus lie at opposite sides of the solar system this fortnight around the second half of October, their opposition allows then to be leading roles in the drama played out by us actors who strut and fret our fated destinies on the stage of life.

AstrologyAny worthy actor can take up the leading parts of the archetypal Mercury and Uranus roles. Or it can play itself out in our own psyches. Whichever way they appear, they bring with them a rather stubborn mindset. Also a brilliant one, mind you. A mind inspired by the bolt from the blue. I brings with it the opportunity to find alternative solutions to the mental blocks of the day. Sometimes the stubborn clinging to a mindset or opinion or perception or assemblage point, leaves us unable to see the solution that lies before us. When the cup is full there remains no room for more water.

Sparks may fly now, the mind can be set alight if the current is right. Just beware putting your foot in it tactlessly or arrogantly now though, for the inspiring potency of Uranus can leave even the mediocre mind feeling inflated with insights that may seem divinely channelled, but not everyone is tuned into your station or likes your brand or flavour. Two men say they’re Jesus; one of them must be wrong.

But wait, A third planet comes into the alignment. It’s Pluto – now only a planetoid of course – roughly ninety degrees apart from both Mercury and Uranus, in other words half-way between the two, and therein lies the key. For whatever clash of interests is brewing between the two inspired minds, or even the two sides of one’s own inspired mind – the tension aroused, the impasse, the loggerhead as symbolised by Mercury and Uranus – a solution lies in the hands of Pluto. The T-square aspect formed between these three planets so neatly aligned, like we see in the sky this week, symbolise a challenge. But different people handle challenge in their own way.

A mature person or partnership knows how to be diplomatic in solving their marital differences. They see a counsellor, for example, and that third party takes them through their unconscious behaviour toward each other, and eases the flow between the two once again. Insensitive and harsh retaliatory words will not win the day here, but rather chase away investment of future interest. As will messianic fervour that yours is the only way. What’s available now, is the ability to see the challenge, and also have available the solution, a dispassionate lucid moment, whether internally or externally sourced.

Mature partnerships rise to great heights by being able to diplomatically solve their differences in a win-win attitude. And we all know the world loves a winner.

The Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is situated in the centre of the chest around the area of the heart and is represented by the green Anahata Mandala (un-struck sound), symbolised by four legged mammals.

Chakra SystemThe higher 3 chakras relate to the self within the collective conscious of higher guidance and the lower 3 chakras relate to personal energy. The heart chakra is the area where the other 6 chakras converge and this is the foundation of the astral body – the connection between our spiritual and physical body, this centre is driven by love.

The heart chakra influences compassion, forgiveness, empathy, equilibrium, trust and ease within your life. This centre connects you to the plant world and helps you get in touch with nature.

The heart chakra influences physically the lungs, circulation, thymus and the immune and endocrine systems.

Too little flow in the heart chakra is due to a lack of balance in the first 3 chakras. Imbalances within this chakra can cause an emotionally unstable feeling, causing you to play the martyr or become obsessed, suspicious, or to feel unloved and also cause you to repress things.

When this chakra is in harmony and balance with the upper and lower chakras, it allows for unconditional love and in turn allowing us to help those around us. You will feel at peace with yourself and the world around you.

The heart chakra aids in rebirth, rejuvenation, success, prosperity, growth and development -bringing balance to every part of your being. In turn you’ll enjoy helping others and will become a humanitarian.

A healing exercise to assist the heart chakra’s balance:

The Pelvic thrusts and Cobra Pose are good yoga poses for healing this area.

Bikram Yoga – By simply opening your heart to others you will open up the heart chakra.

Love is all you need.

Food that is great for aligning the heart chakra:

Any green foods like spinach or leafy vegetables.

Include fibre and grains like whole wheat bread and like granola in your diet.

Drink yummy tea like green tea.

Herbs related to the heart chakra:

Rue (Ruta Graveolens) and Saffron (Crocus Sativus, Crocus Saffron).

Glands related to the heart chakra:


Vowel Sound related to the heart chakra:

a (far)

Musical note related to the heart chakra:


Element related to the heart chakra:


Crystals related to the heart chakra:

Emerald, malachite, pink and green tourmaline, green jade, chrysoprase, green aventurine, kunzite, rose quartz, fluorite, ruby and moldavite.

Sense related to the heart chakra:


Incense related to the heart chakra:

Jasmine, Lavender, Orris Root, Marjoram, Yarrow and Meadowsweet

Astrological Signs related to the heart chakra:

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra